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2020 Naval Academy Clinic


Naval Academy Rowing Clinic Registration

2020 Navy Rowing Clinic

Navy Rowing Clinic

This registration is to signup and pay for the Naval Academy Rowing Clinic taking place on Feb 9th, 2020, at The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  The cost of the clinic is $55, payable online through this registration.  Each athlete will need to print & sign a Navy Academy waiver (provided) to participate.





Carpool coordination:

In efforts to see who would like to carpool, this registration will also allow you to request a ride in a carpool or offer a vehicle to carpool other rowers.    As the date gets closer and based on the results that comeback, a group email will come out so those on the carpool list to coordinate between each other.  For those carpooling, each athlete will be required to print an LBSS Field Trip Form (provided), and if offering a vehicle for carpooling, an LBSS Driver Permission form (provided).  The carpool will leave from the LBSS parking lot at 6:15 a.m.  The clinic takes place between 8 a.m. to noon.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our VP of Admin using the link below.



Please direct questions to:

Janelle Field

VP of Administration